Trigger Finger Index Point (T-FIP)

The most significant safety intfip_withshelf_closeupnovation since the invention of the trigger guard, is the “finger off the trigger” concept.  In any photo, from the civil war to the 1991 Persian Gulf War, if someone has a weapon in their hand, they probably have their finger on the trigger. Then a major revolution in firearms safety was introduced when “finger off the trigger” training became the international norm.  This has undoubtedly prevented many unintentional discharges of weapons across the years, and it is a safety innovation that may well have saved thousands of lives.

BUT, the finger NEEDS somewhere to go.  The finger WANTS somewhere to go.  And that “somewhere” has always been the trigger.  Saying, “Finger off the trigger,” is like saying, “Don’t think about elephants.”  The very act of saying it MAKES you think about elephants.  At a gut, basic level, saying, “Finger off the trigger,” can cause a psychological short-circuit that may negate the safety value of this technique.

If you want someone to NOT think about elephants, you must say, “Think about giraffes.”  If you want the finger off the trigger, you must say, “Finger on the index point.”  And thus the Trigger Finger Index point was designed at Sheepdog Knife & Gun, the patent has been approved, and this vital safety mod is recommended for all pistols, shotguns and rifles.  It is the “hardware” to back-up the “software” of “finger off the trigger” training.

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