Sheepdog Slide Pulls

slidepull_closeup2If a semi-auto pistol OR your hand becomes slippery (muddy, bloody, oily, or wet) THEN the ability to “rack the slide” can become virtually impossible.  This is one of the greatest potential defects of all semi-auto firearms.  The Sheepdog Slide pulls were first designed by Sheepdog Knife & Gun to assist women in operating the slide for their pistols, and it is highly recommended for that purpose.

One medical professional tell us that this “…deep finger groove design is a vast enhancement over conventional … designs.”  In all current designs, “pinch strength” is needed in to manipulate the slide.  “Pinch strength is derived from the contraction of small muscles in the thumb (adductor pollicis, flexor pollicis brevis, and the opponens pollicis) and is significantly weaker in women than men.”  Thus a slide modification that permits the use of the additional muscles makes it much easier for women to use the pistol effectively.

However, this mod is now recommended for ALL semi-auto pistols, and can assist in eliminating this one key weakness (difficulty in operating the slide, if the weapon or hand becomes slippery) in these otherwise magnificent pistols.

US Patent #:  (US D697,997)

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