Micro-Front Sight

When John Browning made the first M-1911 pistol, the front sight blade was 40 thousandths of an inch wide.  For firearms accuracy, the front sight should be small, like a rifle sight.  “Aim small, miss small.”  BUT this was one of the first things they changed, because it was too easy for the front sight to be bent.  Thus, today we have big wide front sights on our pistols, NOT for accuracy, but for durability.

The Micro-Front Sight (US patent approved!) is a “sight within a sight” providing a very small aim-point for accurate shooting, when you have the time and distance.  But you can still use the full sight for any time when speed is essential.  Col. Grossman uses it, and he believes that it has “Tightened my shot group, a LOT!” for long range and accuracy shooting.

US Patent #:  (US D701,284)

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